Verify This is very stylish product. Positive Affirmation Wall Decal - You Are Enough is an excellent alternative you are not able to pass up that. SuggestWe believe in incorporating 'Positive Affirmations' into as many facets of our day-to-day lives helping us to retrain thoughts based in Love, Peace, and Happiness. There can never been enough encouragement, hope, and inspiration, and we find it beneficial to implement this in as many places as possible. Each of us have a few minutes in front of the mirror each day, getting ready, brushing your teeth, and the like... And most of us have had those moments in front of the mirror where we put ourselves down or find lack of some sort... The idea of a mirror decal, consisting of a positive affirmation, is a truly powerful reminder to love oneself, inspite of one's perceived flaws, and sit in a seat of acceptance and love.

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